(Transcript of YouTube video)

Good afternoon, my name is Yisrael Cohen. As you can see, I work in the "Tikvat HaLev" ambulance - a private ambulance service.

I have just brought a patient Shaarei Zedek Hospital and I ran into the good people of [Keren HaTzadik, who are recording this video.]

We’ve all heard about the organization called Keren HaTzadik, and their loudspeaker announcement: "We’re all 
cold outdoors; but they’re cold INDOORS!" I'm going to give it to you from the recording for those who are unfamiliar.  Please- [voice on loud speaker:]

"We’re all 
cold outdoors; but they’re cold INDOORS!"

This organization
, called Keren HaTzadik - I'll go into it for a minute and I'll tell you about it.

I will tell you about myself first, I studied in Har Nof and volunteered for organizations: Ichud Hatzala and all kinds of organizations that provide assistance to others.

In one of the cases, someone who remembers a year or two ago the hard snow, I came to a case of medical help in the Reches 
neighborhood. And we came to the case of a family that seemed very ordinary to us, but [we soon realized that they were] without any means of heating at all, without the possibility of purchasing heating devices, and there was a child of about two years who entered a state of hypothermia – if you’re not familiar with this it is overexposure to the cold. The child needed medical intervention. Since I was familiar with this organization [Keren HaTzadik], and as you heard this recording [in the streets] - I immediately called this organization [Keren HaTzadik], and really it's an organization that cares for people who do not have the ability and are stuck in the winter without heaters. We called them and they immediately brought them [heaters.]

Therefore, we turn to you - whoever can give a helping hand and God will repay you double!

I will just tell you about another case that recently happened in Beitar,
because this organization operates all over. I am also active in it and have volunteered in it during my free time. In Beitar, in Reches, in almost all of the country we are active from Jerusalem to Eilat, from the south to the north - to give people assistance!

A case I had in Beitar, now the winter that began - we drove around with the loudspeaker. "We’re all 
cold outdoors; but they’re cold INDOORS!"

One woman came down and gave us a second-
hand heater, which we could transfer to someone. As we left and passed through to the next street, one woman stops us and begs to show us that there is a store “Chesed LaAlafim”  where people converted underground storerooms into [substandard] living spaces that had no heat!. Eight people in this cold weather without heating-- nothing! - And thanks to this organization, Keren HaTzadik - straightaway we brought heaters to them. So anyone who can help, by any means,  please help!

And God will repay 
you doubly! May HaShem bless you to have healing, salvation and good tidings!


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