Keren HaTzadik strives to emulate the love and kindness of Rabbi Aryeh Levin, of blessed memory, by “Helping All in Need” across the religious and socio-economic spectrum of Israeli society with food, heat, moral support and much more! Keren HaTzadik supports people in distress and assists them to get back to work and back on their feet. Read More...

Keren HaTzadik/ Rabbi Aryeh Levin Fund rescues and distributes surplus food, provides heaters and job services to economically challenged Ashkenazi and Sephardi families of IDF-Hesder, Torah Scholars, GushKatif, victims of terror  and others in need.


During the Covid-19 crisis the poor have been hit very hard. Keren HaTzadik is helping as many families as our resources allow.

Thanks to our generous donors thousands of meals have been enjoyed. Thank you to all who have contributed!

Please contribute generously at this time so that Keren HaTzadik can continue to help as many families as possible during the continuing crisis! Thank you!

Be well and stay well!

​​Rabbi Aryeh Levin, o.b.m. (1885 -1969), called the “Tzadik of Jerusalem,” was known for his loving-kindness, humility, and respect for everyone he met. He was also known as the "Father of Prisoners" for his regular visits to Jews imprisoned during the British Mandate. His non-judgmental commitment to help the poor, the sick and the vulnerable has made him a legend and inspiration for all. Keren HaTzadik is named for this great Tzadik (righteous man) and seeks to emulate his loving-kindness.


Keren HaTzadik USA / Rabbi Aryeh Levin Fund

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